What is Chef Kit?

Chef Kit is a fresh food service that provides prepped ingredients and a full, easy-to-follow recipe. Your local grocery store adds perishable items like meat and fresh produce.

Where can I buy Chef Kit?

It’s easy to order Chef Kits online through your local grocery store. Browse a catalog of the packages we’re selling, select a pick up location at a grocery store that’s convenient to you, and we’ll do the rest.

Also, you can pick it up at any time at your local grocery store at your convenience. 

How is this different than other meal kit services?

Chef Kit is not a subscription-based service. Instead of picking out meals ahead of time, you can order just the kits you want--choose from our wide variety of inspiring and nutritious dishes. You only pay for the meals you buy; you’ll never pay a subscription fee.

And, Chef Kit uses local grocers to get you the best local proteins and produce--support local businesses and feel good doing it.


Any other questions?

Email chefkit@freshop.com