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Fresh meal options right from your grocery store


Fresh meal options right from your grocery store


Freshness at your fingertips!

  • Accessible & adventurous recipes

  • No commitments

  • Convenience at your fingertips

You do not need special training to prepare a Chef Kit meal as each meal has been hand-crafted to make gourmet easy. Our chefs design each meal to give you restaurant-quality meals at home.



Each recipe includes pre-measured sauces, spices and seasonings, while the store adds all the required fresh products (produce, seafood and meat).

Each recipe is designed to be accessible and adventurous. You get to try meals like Ponzu Steak and Manchurian Cauliflower without shelling out or eating out. You see what goes into your food, you know what you’re feeding your families, and you have peace of mind that you’re making the right decision.


Picked right from your grocery store for you!


How It Works


1. Choose Meal Kits

  • Created by Chef Kit
  • Choose from our selection of gourmet-inspired meals, made from ingredients from your grocery store. 

2. All Ingredients are in each kit

  • Pre-packed spices, sauces, oils and seasonings
  • Your grocer includes the uncooked proteins and produce
  • Minimal packaging reduces waste

3. Make Meals In 40 Minutes Or Less

  • Pick up meals from your current grocery store
  • Pick up your Chef Kit box, conveniently packaged and ready to prepare. Just follow the recipe card inside and you'll have a delicious meal in about 40 minutes (varies by recipe). 

4. You're still in control of your kitchen

  • No need to commit to weekly meals
  • Get the kits you want, when you want!

It’s dinner time!

Grabbing fast food on the go or planning meal membership labor-intensive meals for weeks in advance is over!

Now, you can order meals for same day delivery or pickup from your hometown store featuring items they use every day.